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MICE - Full Album Tracklist / Terry Moore On Process

(artwork by David Palatsi)

(artwork by David Palatsi)


"Duckling" features the take-no-prisoners drumming of Terry Moore (of Lily and the Parlour Tricks) and the ambient guitar magic of Massimo Sammi.

Terry had this to say about his playing on Mice:

"In the beginning, it was like Steven and I were standing in a room, holding tools and looking at a block of raw marble. All I could see was a hunk of stone, but fortunately, he was able to understand the finished product." 

(photo by Frank Hill)

(photo by Frank Hill)

"Getting to that point of completion was no easy feat; nearly every note played in every section of every song was deliberate, but only after examining (and exhausting) all possible approaches from a drumming standpoint. "What if we added [this]?" and"what if we combined [these two ideas]?" were all too frequent requests from Steven, but the fact that he could hear the part had to mean I could play it, had to.

Aside from the cerebral genesis of the parts, the physical execution proved to be equally challenging. But ultimately after many rehearsals and many (many) takes in the studio, we ended up with this wonderful music."

Hear an early dose of Terry's thunder on "Duckling" with your pre-order of Mice.

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