Atomic Soul

Mousy Mixing / Stormy Singing

Hello TV Land!

An exciting week here in my little sphere as the first batch of mixes start rolling back from the ineffable Bob Mallory for the Mice album. I'm so thrilled to finally hear these songs come fully to life, and I can't wait to slingshot them out into y'all's world.



Meanwhile, I confess to spending many hours this past week tracking some last minute guest vocalists for the last song to be mixed. (Almost as many hours as I spent watching the spelling bee kid lose his shit.)


Thanks to some brilliant vocal performances by Elijah Miller of Hawk & Dove, Ashley Bird of The Purslaines, and David Palatsi (unaffiliated), I can finally say FINITO  DEFINITIVO for recording this album. Couldn't have done it without Elijah, Ashley, David, and all my other great helpers along the way.


Music soon. Stay tooned.