Atomic Soul


Children Having Children (EP)

released October 17, 2007

Children Having Children:

Steven Kaiser & David A. Palatsi

Featuring Nathan Lathouse & Adam Bailey on drums and Evan Robertson on cello

Very special thanks to Matthew Fugel for guitar, vocals, and intangible contributions

Songs by Steven Kaiser (c) 2006 (BMI)

Recorded by Children Having Children at Southern Tracks and Studio H

Mastered by Rodney Mills

Photographs by Ali Hackathorn

Band Photograph by Stephanie Routier

Layout by Stephanie Routier, Ali Hackathorn, Ben Kuester, Matthew Fugel, and David A. Palatsi

All our gratitude for various favors performed -- often unknowingly -- by Tom Tapley, Mike Clark, Brendan, Nick, Billy, Ali, Stephanie, Ben, Slater, Jacque, J.P., Moms and Dads, Kaitlyn Fugel, Ally Kaiser, Sal Gentile, Jeff Calder, Fern, Billy Corgan, Jimmy Chamberlin, and gullible listeners.