Atomic Rock


"A way back to youth," offers frontman/songwriter Steven Kaiser when asked to describe his band Children Having Children. "Atomic rock."

Steeped in equal parts rock & roll, alternative, and post-everything, then stirred with the orchestral ambitions of the cinema and sweetened with noise, CHC likes to do as they please in an attempt to pay homage to the legacy of great songwriting. Kaiser sees the band as "the outlet for things I can't say any other way. There's a density, a symmetry, an inevitability to our music -- tension and release with a deceptive ability to explode at any moment. Pressing a needle up to the nerve." 


Drummer Matthew Lauritsen joined in early 2016, with bassist Matt Heymann and keyboardist Ryan Deeter rounding out the lineup a few month later. The current incarnation made its live debut with a string of packed NYC shows before heading into the studio to work on a trio of EPs. Alibi is due out in February 2018 with the other two EPs to follow later in the year. The band will premiere its first video for the single  "Checkerboard Red" (dir. by James Berry & Matt Heymann) in January 2018. 

These EPs will be the first recordings since the band delivered its critically-inflamed debut album Mice in late 2014. Following two warmup EPs (Flush and Children Having Children), Mice featured guest appearances by Terry Moore of The Parlour Tricks, Elijah Miller of Hawk and Dove, and Rob Van Saders of Habits. As with Alibi, the album's artwork showcased the photography of frequent collaborator David A. Palatsi.


Kaiser adds, "We live in the greatest city in the world and look forward to conveying that excitement to you. Thank you for your patronage in these trying times." Stay tuned to for news, music, tour dates, and other off-color remarks.